1st workshop edition  
(IEEE ICC 2016)  

2nd workshop edition  
(IEEE Globecom 2016)

3rd workshop edition  
(IEEE ICC 2017)  

3rd International Workshop on 5G RAN Design
IEEE ICC, May 25 2017, Paris, France


Workshop Program

9:00 Workshop Opening
9:25 Paper session 1 - Radio Resource Management
Session chair: Olav Queseth, Ericsson

J. Farah, E. Sfeir, C. Nour and C. Douillard, New Resource Allocation Techniques for Base Station Power Reduction in Orthogonal and Non-Orthogonal Multiplexing Systems
Q. Liao, Dynamic Uplink/Downlink Resource Management in Flexible Duplex-Enabled Wireless Networks

M. Huang, F. Yuan, H. Cheng and X. Zhang, Design of Low-Latency Uplink MAC Scheduling for Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems

N. Mahmood, K. Pedersen and P. Mogensen, Interference Aware Inter-Cell Rank Coordination for 5G Wide Area Networks
11:00 Keynote - Mobile telecommunications ecosystem evolutions with 5G
Frederic Pujol, iDate
11:25 Paper session 2 - Cloud RAN
Session chair: Gerhard Wunder, FU Berlin

A. Kalør, M. Agurto, N. Pratas, J.Nielsen and P. Popovski, Statistical Multiplexing of Computations in C-RAN with Tradeoffs in Latency and Energy

X. Li et al, Novel Resource and Energy Management for 5G Integrated Backhaul/Fronthaul (5G-Crosshaul)
V. Trivedi and P. Kumar, FRFT-SCFDMA Scheme for Uplink in 5G Radio Access Networks

C. Bluemm, Y. Zhang, P. Alvarez, M. Ruffini, L. DaSilva, Dynamic Energy Savings in Cloud-RAN: An Experimental Assessment and Implementation
14:00 Keynote - 5G needs and requirements – A view from the car industry
Antonio Eduardo Fernandez Barciela, PSA
14:25 Paper session 3 - Novel 5G Techniques
Session chair: Miltiadis Filippou, Intel

Q. Tang, H. Long, H. Yang and Y. Li, An Enhanced LMMSE Channel Estimation under High Speed Railway Scenarios
G. Pocovi, B. soret, K. Pedersen and P. Mogensen, MAC Layer Enhancements for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications in Cellular Networks
J. Lianghai, M. Liu and H. Schotten, Context-aware Cluster Based Device-to-Device Communication to Serve Machine Type Communications

Y. Ji, C. Bockelmann and A. Dekorsy, Numerical Analysis for Joint PHY and MAC Perspective of Compressive Sensing Multi-User Detection with Coded Random Access
16:00 Paper session 4 - Multi-Antenna Aspects
Session chair: Gerhard Wunder, FU Berlin

O. Tervo, L. Tran, H. Pennanen, S. Chatzinotas, M. Juntti and B. Ottersten, Energy-Efficient Coordinated Multi-Cell Multigroup Multicast Beamforming with Antenna Selection
Z. Jiang, S. Zhou and Z. Nu, Antenna-Beam Spatial Transformation in C-RAN with Large Antenna Arrays

X. Chen, A. Wolfgang, A. Zaidi, MIMO-OFDM for Small Cell Backhaul in the Presence of Synchronization Errors and Phase Noise

K. Roth and J. Nossek, MAC Rate Region of Low Resolution ADC Digital and Hybrid Beamforming Massive MIMO UL
17:05 Panel Discussion

Important Dates:
Paper submission deadline: Dec 16th, 2016
Paper acceptance/rejection: Feb 17th, 2017
Camera-ready deadline: Mar 10th, 2017

Workshop Organizers:
Dr. Patrick Marsch, Nokia
Dr. Olav Queseth, Ericsson
Dr. Frank Schaich, Nokia Bell Labs
Dr. Gerhard Wunder, Heinrich Hertz Institute
TkL. Miurel Tercero, Ericsson
Dr. Xavier Costa Perez, NEC Labs Europe
Dr. Fabio Cavaliere, Ericsson
Michael Färber, Intel Deutschland
Dr. Miquel Payaró, CTTC

Technical Program Committee:
Prof. Angeliki Alexiou, University of Piraeus
Dr. Gennaro Boggia, Politecnico di Bari
Mr. Mauro Boldi, Telecom Italia
Mr. Markus Breitbach, Deutsche Telekom
Dr. Daniel Camps, i2CAT
Dr. Marco Caretti, Telecom Italia
Dr. Aleksandra Checko, MTI Radiocomp
Dr. Antonio De Domenico, CEA-LETI Minatec
Dr. Miltiades Filippou, Intel Germany GmbH
Mr. Dimitri Kténas, CEA
Prof. Erwu Liu, Tongji University
Dr. Nurul Mahmood, Aalborg University
Dr. Jan Mietzner, Hensoldt
Mr. Junfei Qiu, PLA University of Science and Technology
Dr. Mehrdad Shariat, Samsung R&D Institute UK
Dr. Osvaldo Simeone, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Dr. Salvatore, Talarico Intel Corporation
Dr. Mojtaba Vaezi, Princeton University
Dr. Joerg Widmer, IMDEA Networks Institute
Dr. Dirk Wübben, University of Bremen
Dr. Wen Xu, Huawei
Dr. Gerd Zimmermann, Deutsche Telekom AG

Paper submission:
Paper submission is not possible anymore.

Workshop Registration:
Please register on the ICC 2017 website.